10 steps to make your smartphone battery last longer


Do you always wonder why your mobile phone battery discharges very quickly? Do you always carry your charger / power bank with you? It is even more baffling if your phone is relatively new and you are certain that there is no problem with your battery.

The problem might be with the way you use your smartphone / tablet irrespective of whether you use mobile devices from established brands like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Lenovo or the new kids in the town Xiaomi, One Plus One, Micromax etc.
JustLikeNew recommends the following best practices to ensure that you get most out of a single charge of your mobile device.

  1. The golden rule: “excess of anything is bad” and hence never overcharge your battery. Overcharging damages the battery and results in reduced performance straightaway.
  2. Discharge your battery completely before you put your device back on charging.
  3. Display of your smartphone is the next biggest drainer of the battery. Ensure that you keep your display brightness to as low as possible. Try to not set it to auto-brightness so that you can control how much brightness is adequate for your eyes.
  4. Use less illuminated & colorful wallpapers for your phone or tablet so that the battery does not have to work extra.
  5. Avoid apps that use a lot of computing power for e.g. an App that constantly monitors your phone book to tell you who is calling is your battery’s enemy
  6. GPS, Maps & Location sensing apps also use a lot of power. Use them only when you need them else it is best to switch them off
  7. Check your screen time out settings. The longer your display in on, more it will drain your battery. Keep your screen time out to as less as possible. If you are in the habit of checking your smart phone once every 10 minutes then you are turning on your display at least 100 times a day. A savings of even 30 seconds every time will mean that you saved 1 hour of display time. This will definitely boost your battery performance.
  8. Cutting edge features like controlling your phone via motions & gestures, activating intelligent face detection features might be cool, but they hog the battery. It is best to avoid using these features if you do not have a charging port handy.
  9. If you are in an area where the signal is weak, it’s best to not turn on your 2G / 3G connection. This will definitely drain your battery further.
  10. Switch you mobile phone to Flight mode or Blocking Mode equivalent when you go to sleep. This will turn off calling, messaging and data network features. Why to discharge your battery when you are not even using your phone? It will also help you sleep soundly !!!

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