10 Steps to save your smartphone after water damage


Did you just happen to drop your iPhone 6 in water? Or happen to spill a cup of coffee on your Samsung Galaxy S5? Be it an iPhone or any Android phone – few simple steps may just bring your phone back to life in case of a water damage or liquid damage.

  1. Remove phone from water: The more your phone stays underwater, the more likely it is to suffer a tragic failure.
  2. Shut Down your phone: This protects the phone from any further short circuits.
    – iPhone: Hold lock button and home button together for 5 seconds for system shutdown
    – Android: Simply remove the battery for instant shutdown
  3. Remove Components:
    – Remove battery
    – Remove memory card
    – Remove SIM card
    – Remove headphone
    – Remove body case (if any)
  4. Drain Water: Hold your phone with paper napkins or absorbing towel and tilt your phone with open ports pointing down. Make way for the water/liquid to flow out.
  5. Air Drain: Force out as much water as possible. You may use a vacuum cleaner (don’t use hair dryer – it further pushes water in).
  6. Dry the phone:
    – One of the best & easiest ways – place phone in an open area with good air circulation and less moisture, and simply leave your phone there for a day or two.
    – Use Rice – One of the common tools for removing moisture is uncooked rice. Take an airtight box or zip-lock bag and bury your smartphone in the rice inside the box. It will absorb the moisture in the smartphone & help it dry out.
    – Use Silica Gel Packs – If you have any of these cool packets lying around (they are the gel packs you can find in shoeboxes) then these are great at absorbing moisture because that’s what they are meant to do. Put some of these packets in an airtight box with your phone and wait for them to help your phone dry out completely.
  7. Wait for up to 36 hours: Once you have placed your phone in open air or bag of silica gel, wait for at least 36 hours for the moisture to completely evaporate.
  8. Test your phone: If your phone is dry and free of any moisture you may now turn it on. Place the components (battery, SIM, etc.) in their slots and switch it on. Your methodical approach might have just saved your phone.
  9. Switch on with charger :If it doesn’t start with the battery on. Try switching on with the charger connected but without the battery. If it switches on with charger you know that the battery has been damaged.
  10. Still doesn’t turn on: It’s time to visit experts at http://www.JustLikeNew.in. Place a web request and call 1800-3000-5304



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