Broken Mobile: Repairing Vs Buying a new one


Whenever your smartphone breaks you are faced with a tough question to answer. Should you repair the smartphone or just replace it with a new one?

Add to this is the complexity that the smartphones and tablets keep on getting cheaper because of technology advancements. The super expensive mobile phone you bought some time back might be selling for half the price already!!! Not only that, the fact that technology advance is so fast, specifications of mobile devices keep on improving in weeks and months. i.e. they go bigger, better and more powerful.

Before you decide whether you should buy a new phone or you should get the old one repaired, you should evaluate the following points. This will help you simplify the problem and make an informed decision.

You should replace your broken phone, if:
• You are due for an upgrade. Your phone is quite old and the hardware specs are outdated e.g. slow processor make you wait for ages to open the latest app available on the application store or camera simply does not have enough pixels
• Your phone is already worn off and has physical damage on the body. The latest damage is the last nail in the coffin!!!
• Your repair is costly like a motherboard replacement. You might as well put some more money to the repair quote and buy a new phone of the similar or better features
• Your phone is not able to meet your evolving usage patterns like taking notes effortlessly
• Your phone does not suit your new Avatar. You got promoted and would like to change your phone and the damage just gave you a chance to do it.
• Or you simply have a lot of money and you don’t care

You should repair your broken phone, if:
• You bought it recently and your current phone is not outdated i.e. it has all the rich features like a HD camera (1080p recording is really good enough and no need to worry if the latest model do a 4k recording)
• The repair is standard like Touch Screen replacement and not complex like water damage or mother board damage
• It’s a costly phone and it will just become non usable unless you get it repaired
• If the repair is costing you significantly lesser than buying the same phone again, you should go for the repair
• You don’t know how to dispose or selloff it and the phone is going to lie as junk with you
• If the phone was gifted to you or the phone is very dear to you and you have a lot of good memories attached to it.
• You are very comfortable operating it and you are very efficient with the phone

What more, you can also ask for a free price quotation for the repair from our expert technicians. This will definitely help you make an informed decision. Simply call on 1800-3000-5304 or place your query at  and you will get an answer for free.

Happy Smartphone to you!


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