Broken smartphone screen: What to do next?


Your smartphone is your new best friend in this digital age. You not only connect with the outside world by merely calling them, you click, shoot, share, chat, shop from your mobile. And while buying one, you spend days to research the right smartphone that fits your personality, budget and utility needs.
No wonder you feel terrible when your mobile phone breaks. In case of a broken screen, you nearly faint with the idea of a costly repair. You get dismayed and stressed with the whimsical price quotes you start getting. And you wonder how you can find a trust worthy smartphone repair service for your phone.

Take a sigh of Relief., India’s most trusted smartphone service network is just round the corner to help you and become your Knight in shining Armor!!! can get your phone picked up from your door step, repaired by highly qualified & experienced professionals and delivered back to your doorstep at the best prices. Leave your stress and worries with us and spend your time like the good old days reading books, watching TV or just visit the nearby mall. You could also eat your favorite food to uplift your mood!!! recommends the following next steps when your screen is shattered:
• Check if the display is still fine. There might not be a need to replace your display
• Avoid using your phone with a broken screen to avoid damage to your display that sits beneath your touch screen. The broken chips from your touch screen might crack the display itself. Don’t burn a hole in your wallet!!!
• Visit our website and request a repair or call us on our toll free number 1800-3000-5304
• We offer you free diagnostic and will tell you if your model is modularized enough that only the touch needs to be changed and not the entire folder with display
• We will dispatch our executive for free home pick up to rescue you immediately J
• We provide smartphone and tablet repair services all over India.



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