Why you should only let the professionals repair your smartphone or tablet.


Today technology breakthroughs have shrunk the desktop and laptop computing capabilities to Smartphone and Tablets. And people are able to carry powerful mobile devices in their pockets!!!

While the convenience for the users has increased, so has the complexity of the technology; with integrated chips, sensors, better displays, more responsive and durable touch screens etc. To top it up, all are wired with great precision on miniature motherboards.

When your smartphone or tablet breaks, you can check out plethora of self-repair guides, videos & blogs. However JustLikeNew.in recommends that you seek professional help for your mobile phone / tablet repair.

10 reasons why you should ask professionals to repair your mobile phone or tablet.

  • It is a very complex piece of technology hardware that you are dealing with. Often it’s very tightly packed and closely interconnected.
  • You do not know the real cause of the problem. There could be multiple causes which result in one component failing. e.g. if your device it not charging, it could be because of your charger or a charging jack problem or charging chip circuit issue or battery being dead or current not getting passed to the mother board or short circuit in the mother board etc.
  • You will not know what all could have been damaged for e.g. if you drop your device and the touchscreen and display is broken, you never know if replacing the touch screen and display alone may solve the problem. Chances are that other components especially on the mother board could have also been damaged because of the impact. A proper assessment is necessary to ascertain the total damage.
  • You do not have the right tools to repair on your own.
  • You do not have the right training and experience to repair your device.
  • You may break the newly purchased component. Many customers come to JustLikeNew.in after having broken the touch screen that they bought while trying to repair themselves. So now they have to incur the cost again.
  • You may cause more damage while repairing your device. JustLikeNew.in receives several phones where in user broke the display while changing the touch screen!!!  It is a bigger problem now and manifold increase in repair cost.
  • You might cause a damage that is beyond repair. For e.g a lot of chip level work carries a risk of making the motherboard dead. This would mean that you will have to buy a new smartphone or tablet.
  • You might not be able to distinguish between the original component and replicas. You might end up purchasing a replica component. JustLikeNew.in always puts genuine components.
  • You don’t know the quality of repair and how long it will last. Hence post repair warranty is essential to make sure that the repair is authentic and it works. JustLikeNew.in, being a professional mobile repair & service provider gives sufficient post repair warranty to reduce your risk.



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