5 Simple Ways to Protect Your iPhone

The iPhone is one of Apple’s most successful smartphone launches- It’s a camera, your personal computer and a communicator all packed in one. Although it may be one of the easiest computing devices ever launched, the iPhone requires thorough care and caution while handling. Although, smartphones these days are built to withstand the hustled life of a busy urban employee, simple hacks can help us avoid damage to our devices.

To make sure your phone has a long life, we have listed below 5 Simple ways you can take care of your iPhone:

  1. Tempered Glass Protectors

The most common way of damaging your iPhone screen is by dropping it. Although the phone has glass screen protection, adding a tempered glass protector protects your phone from immediate drop damage/ scratches. It helps in absorbing the damage caused by the impact of a phone dropping.

  1. Pocket Hauls : Coin & Key Scratches

This is definitely one of the easiest ways to avoid your phone from screen damage. Coins and keychains are bound to create scratches on our phones when we place them in pockets. A simple way to avoid this is to make sure our iPhone isn’t placed with coins or keys.

  1. Battery Cable Insertion

Many of us are careless while removing/inserting a charging cable in our iPhones and don’t keep the angle in mind. To avoid scratches around the charging point in the phone, we should be mindful to pull the chord slowly away from the phone instead of a jerk pull. Also, may we suggest charging your phone only once it is fully drained to not tamper with the battery life.

  1. Temperature and Humidity Control

Your smartphone is qualified to function at a specific temperature . When you expose your iPhone to hot or extreme cold environment, the iOS OS is programmed to issue a temperature warning. Ideal temperature for your device is anything between 0-35 degrees.

  1. Avoid Soaps & Exposure to Salt

We all are somewhere guilty when it comes to carrying our phones with us to a trip to the bathroom. We must avoid any kind of contact of soap/soap water with our iPhones as it can cause serve damage to its physical components. Adding to above, any kind of contact with pool water is also dangerous as exposure to salt/chlorine can damage the casing and physical parts of your phone.


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